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  • Critter Chatter goes Greek
    That probably sounds a lot more exotic and intriguing than it should but it got your attention, so good. We’re not going on vacation on Corfu or some other Greek island, and we’re not even having a toga party, although that would be a great fund-raiser for some rescue group, so it deserves consideration. No, […]

  • If you are going to give, give locally
    This is the time of year when people are in a giving mood, and it follows that charities and non-profit organizations of all kinds increase their requests for donations. Television, radio and direct mail are used extensively by large national organizations to ask for support for whatever cause they represent, and it seems to work. […]

  • Sometimes the news is good.
    As I have said before, we get mail every week from people whose dogs have been afflicted with bloat or twisted stomach. Too many come after the dog has died, but letters like the following make us know the message is getting out there and we have to keep pushing it. After re-reading the article […]

  • Looking for a few good writers
    If you are someone who likes pets and wildlife and also likes to write we would love to hear from you. Critter Chatter could use some fresh content from a variety of contributors with their own styles of writing. Our readers are all animal and nature lovers and are interested in articles on topics in […]

  • I think I’m getting soft.
    I’m beginning to think that I’m not the kid I used to be. One sure indication of that is the realization that I don’t really like to sleep on the ground any more. Over the years I’ve slept on the ground in more places than most people have been. The year after I got out […]